About Us

My name is Lois Hill; I have been a Radiation Therapist for almost half my life, 26 years. 24 years of my radiation therapy career have been spent at a large hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I am not a doctor nor am I here to offer prognosis or diagnoses. I’m here to be your guide on your journey into Radiation Therapy, whether you are a patient undergoing radiation, a family member, friend or just a curious information seeker,I will give you a step by step guide as to what to expect during your time in Radiation Therapy.

This website is made to help people through the journey in Radiation Therapy and to provide support and encouragement. There might be some changes from each Radiation Therapy department, but the information that is provided to you is standard throughout the industry.

Being an informed person, helps to better participate in the process, and being prepared helps lessen the stress and anxiety that can be felt while dealing with such a life changing time. Also being able to share this information with others who might be going through this or has someone close to them going through this, can ease some of the stress that everyone feels during this difficult time.

My goal here is to lessen your fears, provide a place where you can find support , encouragement and share information that will assist you and your loved ones to be as prepared as possible for what this journey holds. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I am here to help.

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